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Red Light in EE Mobile Signal Booster

Red Light in EE Mobile Signal Booster

Ever wonder what all those lights on your EE mobile signal booster mean? Why do they keep flickering all the time? Well, green or red, those lights could prove as an indication that your booster is working properly or serve as a warning telling you […]

Throwing light on the best Tubemate alternatives for Android

Throwing light on the best Tubemate alternatives for Android

Over the decades, the demand for mobile apps has evolved phenomenally. This is due to the growing demand of users. Especially the entertainment sector has seen notable advancement when it comes to the app development rates. You can talk about YouTube that .is the most […]

Best Apps for Dyslexia

Best Apps for Dyslexia

Dyslexia is one of the most common learning difficulties across the world and it’s estimated that one in every 10 of us are affected with the condition to some degree. Dyslexia causes issues with reading, writing, and spelling, which makes the typical academic experience for dyslexics a very poor one. What’s more, is without a general grounding and suitable basic education, the problems associated with dyslexia will reach far into adulthood and compromise the quality of life for many sufferers. It’s time to end this sort of stigma and alienation now.

Fortunately, there are a variety of different apps that help with the educational experience for those with dyslexia. Making the reading and writing experience easier to come to terms with is something that dyslexic students and adults typically wish to see happen, which is fortunately exactly what’s available on the market today. The following are great considerations to add to your phone right now if your life is being affected by dyslexia:

apps for dyslexia

  1. Google Play Books

Those with Android devices will find Books to be one of the best apps for taking in texts on mobile devices for dyslexics. The app features a spoken word option that reads texts aloud with highlighting on screen, which allows students and adults to follow the text as it is being read to them and gain more confidence with both the written and spoken word as time goes on. It’s certainly not the only option to offer text to speech built into an e-reader, but it is one of the most widely integrated apps with and purpose-built library of books and magazines ready for users to download immediately. Google Play Books also provides generic support for other file types outside of its native format, which allows cross compatibility with several other document types. It is a good all-in-one solution when it comes to reading.

  1. Dragon Dictation

The complimentary app for Google Play Books on iOS is Dragon Dictation. In addition to having texts being read to them and synchronized highlighting appearing on the screen, students and adults are also able to record themselves speaking and converts their speech into text. This may prove particularly useful for essay writing when grammar and articulation are otherwise unaffected in a dyslexic student or adult. It’ll certainly make homework much easier and quicker in the long run, too.

  1. Cite It In

When writing is primarily affected in dyslexic students, the added stress of having to add academic references and citations is just another hurdle that needs to be climbed and there are few dyslexic students who are able to come to terms with the process in time. Fortunately, this free online utility can be bookmarked from a phone in order to add the correct footnotes and references to any text and eliminate the strain of having to follow rigid academic guidelines. It certainly proves useful for non-disabled students as well because anyone who is struggling with any particular citation guideline will be able to insert them into their essays with ease.

dyslexia apps

  1. Pocket

Pocket is a convenient app that allows students to save particularly useful web articles into one single directory of links, then retrieve those links later from another Pocket-enabled device. This allows dyslexic students to find articles on the fly from convenient locations for them, then be able to perform whatever work is necessary to complete their projects at another location elsewhere. It also provides native text-to-speech functionality that makes accessing the material contained in web articles far easier.

  1. Whisper Synch

Students are increasingly being exposed to the Amazon Kindle and other e-readers, but this doesn’t help the issue of digesting text from digital sources. While text to speech is present on many e-readers the Kindle doesn’t provide this as native support, which is where Whisper Synch comes into play. The app allows students and adults alike to download Kindle books and convert them into digital audio files, which basically turns any book into an audiobook for those who’d prefer to listen to their text rather than read it. It doesn’t replace the file altogether though. Users are free to switch back to their text as and when necessary.

There are plenty of different options when it comes to making the written word far more accessible for those with learning difficulties like dyslexia. The digital age today has made content far easier to come to terms with and is continually making strides on a regular basis to serve the wider community. While we’re still quite a long way from having text in an immediately digestible form without any sort of interaction on our parts, we’re certainly much closer than we’ve ever been today by having text converted into ways that are more convenient and useful to us: like the text to speech functionality contained in many of these apps. They’re well-worth considering adding to your devices today!

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Why is it that you should own a dog?

Why is it that you should own a dog?

Dogs. Sometimes if we start to contemplate life, we might end up asking ourselves one question over and over again. Do we really deserve these angels? The furry, four-legged creatures that turn our life upside down. They become the reason why we rush home. Their […]

British Best Models

British Best Models

With so many agencies springing out in every corner in Britain offering you models and escorts, you might wonder who the best are. Wonder no more since Dolls and Roses has the best models that you will find anywhere in Britain. The models from Dolls […]

Why We Should Recycle Household Waste

Why We Should Recycle Household Waste

Recycling items around the home once that you have finished with them is a great way of helping the environment.


This will help keep waste away from our already saturated landfill sites, keep the amount of rubbish down to the minimum in your bin and help save energy.

Items that are recyclable are certain plastics, glass, wood, paper and card. You can check the lable of the product to see if the material is recyclable. You could also do this while you are shopping so that you will able to keep waste down to a minimum. You will find that most big brands will make their packaging as environmentally friendly as possible so they are need to be responsible and it will enhance the company reputation.

Your local authority should supply you with all of the equipment necessary free of charge to help you keep these items separate and make it easy for the waste removal teams to take away.

If you do not have these special boxes, you can request them by visiting their website and order what you need.


If you are putting glass items in the recycle box, try to give them a quick rinse out beforehand as it will stop them from smelling and attracting any scavengers.

Remove any sticky mess also just to make things a little easier.

Additional ways to help the environmental impact that you r day to day life includes not buying hazardous material. There are some alternative less harsh and harmful cleaning products that do just a good job but cause less damage.

In and around your garden there will plenty to re-use. You can even consider a compost heap where you can add old peelings. You can leave grass cuttings out as they will naturally rot down and help the ground.

if you need additional services due to a large amount of waste in the home or at work , you can get a reputable company to do it for you. The easiest method is to search online. Look at something like london based rubbish removal company.

If you need just general household waste taken away or have had some gardening work done, you can type in something like garden rubbish removal services.

Taxi its better than train

Taxi its better than train

Everyone wants a transportation system that can get them from point A to B conveniently. With the many options available to choose from, it is only fair to settle for the services that offers the best service. Although the train is a convenient means of […]

3 Top Home Security Tips

3 Top Home Security Tips

Protecting your home is your key responsibility. There are so many home security tips and resources that you can use to achieve this. However, how do you narrow it down to the top most tips? How do you ensure your safety is assured? The following […]

Batteries Should not go in Garbage-True or False?

Batteries Should not go in Garbage-True or False?

Have you ever wondered whether batteries should be disposed along with the rest of the ordinary home garbage? If so then take heart because you are not alone. It’s true that most people are aware that batteries can be recycled. However, very few among them know for certain that practically all variants of the battery are 100% recyclable. If you still have doubts regarding the assertions made above then read on to learn more.

There are over eight different types of battery all of which are 100% recyclable. This means that 100% of the materials used in making each type of battery are recovered and used to make new batteries or some other product. What follows is a brief description of some of the more common battery types and how they are recycled.

  1. Zinc-Carbon Battery

This battery type has a long history of use because it was among the first to be mass produced. The D size version was and is still used to power toys, hand-held torches and a variety of small gadgets. Batteries are broken apart during the first stage of the recycling process. Automated sorting gives carbon rods, manganese oxide powder, zinc casings and paper. The four constituents are then reused to making new batteries.

  1. Lithium ion Battery

The lithium ion battery gained popularity with the advent of the mobile phone. This battery is now found in smart phones, tablets, laptops and high end toys. During recycling, mechanical hammers pound the batteries to pieces. The metals are separated on the basis of their varying melting points and then cast into ingots and the plastic into pellets. The plastic and metal ingots are then used in the manufacture of new batteries or other products.

  1. Nickel-Cadmium Battery

This was the first mass produced rechargeable battery. The AAA and AA size versions are used mainly in TV remotes and high end toys. During recycling the batteries are mechanically broken apart. The plastic is molten and reformed into pellets while the metals are separated by thermal treatment and cast into ingots. The plastic pellets and metal ingots are then used in making new batteries.

All in all, each of the eight battery types is recycled in a manner similar to those explained above. Therefore instead of putting batteries with the rest of the garbage, you should put them in a small plastic bag and then leave it next to the garbage. You will make it easier for waste collection crews to segregate the batteries from the garbage for recycling.

Why You Must Consider Buying A Large Wardrobe

Why You Must Consider Buying A Large Wardrobe

Do you find it difficult to get what you need to wear when going out?  Then this might be an indication that you need to upgrade your wardrobe since it is not serving its purpose to the full. Sometimes a small wardrobe may not help […]

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